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Podcast Description - 

Podcast description: What is the Green Amendment? How is it different from other environmental legislation? Why do we, as young people, care about it so much? In this student-led, a student-created podcast from NJSSC learn the answers to all of these questions, how to get involved, and more.

Where to listen:

Find “The Green Amendment Podcast” on Spotify! 


When to listen: Episode 1 premieres Thursday 10/7 and episode 2 Thursday 10/14. From then on tune in every other Thursday!

Our team:

Daniel Shapiro: Producer, Co-host, Writer, Editor

Margaret Berei: Green Amendment Coordinator, Co-host

Svanfridur Mura: Green Amendment Coordinator, Assistant Producer, Writer

Lena Nguyen: Editor

Kat Dillman: Cover Art

Jeremiah Willians: Original Music

Want to View and Access all Podcasts -

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