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Green Amendment

*To get involved with any of our projects and/or campaigns make sure to join the coalition by filling out our interest form!

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What Is The Green Amendment? 

The Green Amendment would give all New Jersey citizens the fundamental environmental rights to clean air, clean water, a stable climate, and a healthy environment within our State Constitution. This means environmental rights would be protected to the same degree as the right to free speech. NJSSC is working to spread the word about this proposal. Our goal is to empower our members to advocate for the Green Amendment within their communities and push for a Green Amendment hearing in the near future.

What Does Our Team Do?

Team members divide into several tactic groups with a common goal of advancing the Green Amendment in New Jersey. Due to our range of tactics, our team has something for almost everyone! While our primary tactic is lobbying, members also work on outreach, social media, and mainstream media.

What Can You Do to Support Us?

And most importantly, join our team!

What's Happening Now (Fall 2022):

  • Fall recruitment targeting schools, partner organizations, and social justice organizations.

  • Legislator meetings and a lobbying event.

  • Educational Instagram Reels.

  • Letters to the Editor in progress.

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