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Skills Teams

*To get involved with any of our teams make sure to join the coalition by filling out our interest form!

Social Media Team

Our goal is to clearly and effectively communicate and share the work of the NJSSC with the greater environmental community through multiple social media platforms. We hope that our social media presence extends the reach of the NJSSC and inspires new generations of young activists! 

Team Coordinator: Vacant

Outreach/Communications Team

Members will assist in conducting outreach in order to expand member schools in our coalition, as well as working on internal outreach within the coalition such as onboarding new members and tracking engagement. Members will also help write things like press releases and work to build a presence for NJSSC in the mass media. 

Team Coordinators: Sarah Liu and Shirin Sood

Diversity and Inclusion Team

Our mission is to increase the diversity (geographical, racial, gender, etc) within the coalition. Through this mission, we hope that the Sustainability Coalition can increase its diversity of thought in tackling environmental issues, especially those that intersect with social injustice.

Team Coordinators: Vacant

Policy Team

Our job is to stay up-to-date on NJ and federal environmental policy. This enables NJSSC to voice our support for certain laws through advocacy work while preventing laws that damage the environment.

Team Coordinator: Hibba Ahmed

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