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New Jersey Green Amendment Podcast Episode 3

Episode Name: The Student Movement

Episode Details: In this episode, we discuss the movement behind the Green Amendment and hear some brief interviews from our student and adult leaders--perfect for anyone curious as to why students across NJ are joining this movement!


Writing by Svanfridur Mura and Daniel Shapiro

Editing by Daniel Shapiro

Recording by Daniel Shapiro and Margaret Berei


Ayanna Snowden, Green Amendment Local Resolutions coordinator. She is a junior at Bergen County Technical High School and likes to crochet and go hiking.
Christian Wright, Green Amendment Social media coordinator.  He is a senior at Rutgers Prep and loves playing soccer.
Shirin Sood, Green Amendment Lobbying Coordinator. She is also NJSSC’s Publicity and Communications Coordinator and a part of NJSCA.
David Pringle, Green Amendment for the Generations NJ Coordinator, environmental lobbyist.
Svanfridur Mura, Green Amendment Co-Coordinator. Svan is a sophomore at Newark Academy, a trained Climate Reality Leader, and on the executive board of Our Green West Orange.

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