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Overview: Our way of life produces an enormous amount of waste, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming to address the end-of-life consequences of all the trash that doesn't biodegrade. As the saying goes, one person's trash is another person's treasure: eco-bricks are building materials made entirely from re-purposed plastic. By using plastic water bottles as a frame and packing them with bits of other plastic waste, we can create eco-bricks with a standardized density perfect for building simple structures, from benches to garden sheds. Building eco-bricks is an easy, creative way to introduce students (or anybody) to the concept of waste management and the environmental impacts of product life cycles for everyday items. In addition to being an excellent educational tool to help get folks thinking about big environmental issues, eco-bricks also serve the functional purpose of allowing school and community groups to build low-cost structures that might be helpful in other areas of their work!

To read more about the Eco-Brick Project check out this quick article!

What you can do: Work to establish an eco-bricks hub at your school, make eco-bricks, use bricks as building material, and work to collaborate on art projects. To make an Eco-Brick, you can follow this guide! 

Project Coordinator: Dedra Dadzie

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