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  • Purva Bommireddy

Update on Bye Bye Plastic Bags NJ!

A partner organization of NJSSC, Bye Bye Plastic Bags NJ (BBPB NJ) is a youth-led team of students across the state refusing single-use plastics and advocating for education, civic engagement, and environmental leadership.

On Friday, February 12th, our Policy team led a webinar titled Youth Voices on the Green Amendment. With eight legislators and interested NJ residents in attendance, we lobbied legislators and raised public awareness on the importance of a Green Amendment for the state of New Jersey. The event was open to the public to learn about the movement for a Green Amendment, hear students' perspectives, learn from the founder of the Green Visit to access important links and follow us @bbpbnewjersey on Instagram and Bye Bye Plastic Bags NJ on Facebook to stay in the loop!

Amendment movement, and gain insight on New Jersey's legislators perspectives, questions, and thoughts on a Green Amendment for the state of New Jersey. Through the livestream chat, viewers has the opportunity to ask questions of Maya K. Van Rossum. The event was a huge success and the team’s hard work paid off. We hope to keep up the momentum to ensure that we see the Green Amendment on our ballots in November!

During the month of March, BBPB NJ is running a campaign against fast fashion, so we are hosting a Fast Fashion Runway for which students can creatively repurpose items into clothes, accessories, or art and submit to our contest! We encourage you all to participate and submit through this Google form. Additionally, we will be hosting a Fast Fashion Webinar in late March (date TBD) with guest speakers who are professionals in sustainable fashion. The webinar interest form is here.

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