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  • Frida Ruiz and Bianca Palomino

The Green Cause

Green Cause Founders - Frida Ruiz (left) and Bianca Palomino (left)

Who is the Green Cause?

The Green Cause operates with our executive board headed by students Frida Ruiz and Bianca Palomino, and 30+ club members consisting of avid high school environmentalists. Currently we are pursuing a membership recruitment campaign in an effort to double our membership, and potential members could work in the Social Media, Environmental Education, or Outreach and Video departments. We look for students who are enthusiastic about helping the environment, and you can demonstrate your interest in joining our team by clicking on this link:

What is the Green Cause?

Founded by Frida Ruiz and Bianca Palomino, two high school seniors, the Green Cause strives to spread awareness on pressing environmental issues through lessons, presentations, and videos. In a time of political disagreement, international debate, and wide misconception, we devote ourselves to the adage, “knowledge is power” and we believe that through education and awareness, we can make a difference in our changing world. Each of our members become researchers and educators on environmental issues in order to pass on important knowledge to students and peers. Being a member of the Green Cause offers the opportunity to work with like-minded peers, but also pursue personal environmental passions, learning more about and teaching others a wide variety of topics that range from deforestation to fast fashion.

What do we do?

The Green Cause mainly achieves our mission to spread awareness on environmental concerns by sharing lessons, presentations and materials to local schools. However, we regularly participate in larger, pan-regional events such as webinars, discussion panels, and summits in order to share our knowledge and learn from like-minded people who hope to protect our planet. Our operations rely on the research, persistence, and different perspectives of our club members and officers, who are essential to fulfilling the Green Cause mission. Our membership campaign reaches out to many student-focused organizations, and we hope to involve more of our community in our cause.

In the future, we expect to gain visibility within a larger region, and we hope to have new, passionate members to join us!

Contact Us

The Green Cause provides the perfect outlet for you to learn more about the environmental crisis and well as inform others in your community. Let’s be the difference we want to see together.

Instagram: @thegreencause

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