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  • Ava Blando

Robbinsville High School's Environmental Club Partners With TreePlenish!

The Robbinsville High School Environmental Club is partnering with the student-led organization, TreePlenish, to offset the school's typical (non-COVID year) paper use by selling 18-24" saplings to be planted in local yards on Earth Day 2021! Residents are able to order one (or more!) Red Maple or Sycamore trees for $4.60 a tree. They can pick up trees at RHS to plant themselves, or school volunteers can come and plant their tree(s) on April 24th! To offset the school's paper usage, students from Robbinsville High School are hoping to plant 140 trees.

Here is the link to their website:

If your school is interested in hosting an event like this, reach out to the TreePlenish team!

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