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NJSSC: The Green Amendment Campaign

Who are we?

We are the New Jersey Student Sustainability Coalition, a coalition of hundreds of students across NJ sharing knowledge, empowering new activists, and accomplishing action.

We are partnering in this campaign with Green Amendments for the Generations, an organization founded by Maya van Rossum of the Delaware Riverkeeper. GAFTG is campaigning across the US to get Green Amendments passed in all 50 states.

What is the Green Amendment?

An amendment to a state’s constitution that codifies in the Bill of Rights our right to pure water, clean air, a stable climate, and a healthy environment. The Green Amendment goes above legislation to provide a more powerful tool for activists and communities to protect natural resources and their rights to drink water, breathe air, and live in places that don’t cause them harm. The Green Amendment levels the playing field by putting these basic human rights on par with property rights and classic American rights like freedom of speech.

Why do we need it?

Communities across NJ are struggling to defend their rights to a liveable environment. Our natural resources are being taken advantage of, polluters are not being held accountable, and communities and individuals do not have the legal tools they need to stand up for themselves and protect their ability to survive. Worst of all, many low-income and communities of color are becoming sacrifice zones that are hit the worst by environmental degradation.

What is this campaign?

The student-led branch of the national Green Amendment movement’s NJ wing. We’re raising awareness of the Green Amendment and lobbying our legislators to pass the Green Amendment bill currently in the NJ legislature in time to be voted on by the people in the 2021 November election.

How can YOU get involved?

Our campaign depends on people passionate about the environment and wanting to step up. Sign up for our campaign here, or at You can also sign our student petition here, or at / Want us to come and give a presentation to your group to learn more and get them on board? Email Sharing this one-pager and those links are also awesome!


Helpful Resources!

GAFTG’s website:

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