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NJSSC's New Collaboration: The Green Amendment

Communities across New Jersey are stricken by a host of environmental problems, including a lack of access to clean water, polluted air, loss of green space, and the effects of climate change. Increasingly, low income and minority communities are becoming sacrifice zones where the burden of these issues are disproportionately placed. All of this is because the entities causing this harm - corporations, governments, individuals, etc - are not being held accountable for their actions because the communities they are harming have no legal leverage with which to fight for their rights. In other words, their human rights to a livable environment, clean air, and clean water are not legal rights.

The Green Amendment would fundamentally change this by adding the rights to clean air, clean water, a stable climate, and a healthy environment to the Bill of Rights in the NJ Constitution. This would put these rights on the same level as the right to free speech, property rights, and other rights, and give communities the legal leverage they need to defend their human rights. It would also make the government a trustee of the natural resources that belong to the people, and order them to consider the rights of all people - present and future generations - when making decisions.

This amendment would be a game-changer, and NJSSC is working with Green Amendments for the Generations and other groups across NJ to make it happen. Go to to join us in our efforts to get the Green Amendment bills passed in the NJ Legislature so that they can be on the ballot for NJ voters this fall. You can also sign and share our youth petition at We will be lobbying legislators, passing local Green Amendment resolutions, and raising awareness to get the amendment passed within the next few months. Join us in whatever capacity you can, we welcome everyone!

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