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  • Joyce Mo

Ka Honua Momona

For the past 17 years, Ka Honua Momona has led the conservation of two ancient Hawaiian loko i’a on the southern shore of Moloka’i - harnessing the #aloha of thousands of volunteers into the removal of metric tons of invasive species, the repopulation of native plants, and the perpetuation of the cultural 'ike (knowledge) of our kupuna (wise elders). I have interned with Ka Honua Momona for the past summer, and still keep in touch!

A big difference between mainland and Hawaii is the respect to the moon. In Hawaiian culture, the moon phases determine everything—from best planting days, tides, to what day was good for fishing. We did coral reef monitoring with Uncle Mac with the moon in mind. This meant walking out into the ocean at 6:30am HST to beat the strong winds and navigate during low tides.

For more information, check out the newly revamped website:

Mahalo nui loa for your support!

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