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  • Eliana Liporace

Update From New Member & Leader Eliana Liporace!

Within the Coalition, I have been open to a number of opportunities including recently joining as the new Training Coordinator! I have also joined four other teams including the Green Amendment Campaign, Ecobricks Project, Outreach Communications, and the Clean Energy Equity Act. Of the people I have already introduced myself to, everyone has been extremely accommodating and kind and I'm so excited to get started with these teams! Outside of the Coalition, I participate in a number of clubs in and outside of my high school including BCA's branches of Linens N Love (LNL), Sunrise Movement, Durga Tree, Youth Climate Action Coalition (YCAC), FFA Organization, and Sustainability Team. I act as Social Media Director for LNL, a non-profit organization for global sustainability dedicated to reusing linens and giving back to the community. I am also a member of BCA's Sunrise Movement Actions branch, in which I work with my peers to coordinate action movements holding our legislators accountable in serving our community and taking action against climate change. Additionally, I am a member of BCA's Durga Tree Branch, a club dedicated to empowering freedom and ensuring human rights like equality and justice for all. Within YCAC, our school fundraises and brings social awareness towards mitigating the community's carbon footprint and fighting for climate equity change within our own community. I have also been a member of BCA's FFA Organization since 2019, where I have competed with the Agricultural Issues team - presenting research dedicated to conserving New Jersey's Native Crops specifically targeted towards the public to avoid invasive species encroachment into wildlife. I have been an avid member of the National Girl Scout Organization for 8 years now, creating a Silver Award Project dedicated to cultivating my community's native butterfly and honey bee population through a community garden. I also love writing articles to bring awareness to current climate change news and specifically write for youth-led news including the Students for BIPOC organization. I am also an author on behalf of BCA's Sunrise branch, writing articles to spread awareness of what today's students can do and current news covering the Green New Deal, legislator's climate change plans, and more.

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