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  • Anya Bansal

NJSSC's New Water Team!

Led by: Anya Bansal

With the help of the coalition, I have slowly been trying to help with recruitment and have been working on plans for the new Water Team. We plan on working to fight shore pollution, through education and legislation. Outside of the coalition, I have been doing my own research with Montclair State University on Combined Sewer Overflows and its impact on human health and overall water quality, focusing on Jersey City and the Lower Passaic River. Additionally, I have been working on a 21st Century Climate Guide with a wide variety of people to help both the youth and older generations understand what climate change is, what our parts as humans are in it, in order to spur action and engage with our community better. If you are interested in anything more, I recommend checking out the Bowseat Ocean Awareness Contest and EarthEcho International for opportunities!

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