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Tiffany Kemeklis

Outreach Coordinator

West Windsor-Plainsboro HS North - Class of 2022

Tiffany has been trying to save the planet for as long as she can remember; her first effort was a neighborhood clean-up she organized with her mother back before she began grade school. Throughout the years she has taken action in a variety of ways - working with her town's local Environmental Commission to implement a Bring Your Own Bag campaign, coaching a workshop to guide leaders in developing their own personal stories, and even using her unique talent for songwriting to help an Amazonian indiginous group gain media attention in Brazil. In addition to Tiffany's role with NJSSC, she also serves as Communications Director for the West Windsor Environmental Club. Tiffany is ready to use everything she has learned so far to continue to make a difference in the world through NJSSC.

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