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  • Mahika Arora

Youth Voices Define The Environment’s Future

NEW JERSEY - The future of our environment is critically dependent on youth voices. The youths of today are the most impacted by current political decisions, particularly the decisions made about the environment and climate. There is a great influx of youth engagement in activism these days, particularly in environmental action. The leaders of today’s youth environmental movement are building a long-lasting infrastructure and are coordinating to make a large-scale, enduring change.

A cumulative group of youth environmental leaders and organizations from across the state of New Jersey have all come together to form the New Jersey Student Sustainability Coalition (NJSSC). Through NJSSC, youths have gained a tool to exercise their power in the decisions that determine their future. Founded in December 2018, NJSSC utilizes remote organizing tools to coordinate unified sustainability initiatives, provide resources and mentorship, and facilitate networking and collaboration.

“The coalition is a wonderful group of students all across New Jersey fighting our common enemy, climate change,” describes youth activist and a leader of NJSSC, Ellen Lee. “I’ve probably learned so much about organizing through joining a couple of trainings compared to my years of being part of the movement. I cannot wait for the future growth and achievements of NJSSC.”

“Since joining, NJSSC has given me the resources and opportunities to develop a lot of new skills that I was unsteady with before I joined that I will undoubtedly need in the future,” reveals recent recruitment of NJSSC, Svanfridur Mura. “It’s also become an important avenue where I can take action, and it has introduced me to a great community of passionate young people.”


To learn more about NJSSC or to get involved, please contact JoAnna Contarino ( and Ananya Putta (, or visit the coalition's website ( and social media (Facebook: @NJSSC, Twitter: @njsscoalition, Instagram: @njstudentsustainability). NJSSC welcomes anyone passionate about environmental sustainability, from experienced youth leaders to those looking for a place to start taking action.

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