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  • Eliana Liporace

Training with NJSSC!

NJSSC has given me a wealth of opportunities to take advantage of including all of the training programs available to me that I can personally use to apply to internal and external sustainability activities I participate in. As the new Training Coordinator, I'm so excited to get started and contribute to the community by passing on core skills to everyone - from the founders of the Coalition to those still deciding whether they're interested in joining the movement. Training is truly an incredible way to meet people with different perspectives around the state and teach them about current political policies and methods of social justice awareness from our perspective. Not only does it allow them the opportunity to contribute to our community as a whole, but also parlay their experiences to their own communities where they can work to make change in local politics. I hope to bring back weekly training opportunities where 2-3 training events will be held a week and all will be invited to participate! With the help of the Social Media Team, I hope to offer these opportunities to those outside of the coalition, making training as open and accessible to those who will truly gain experience and applicable knowledge from the specific events offered. After all, we are a growing community that can always use more contributors and would love to have as many new members as possible! Spreading social justice awareness starts with you! If you're interested in any specific trainings being offered within the Coalition, or have any ideas for future events, do not hesitate to reach out to me! I'd love to hear any recommendations or provisions that can be made to our current resources to make them as beneficial to our movement as possible!

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