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Climate Education Youth Summit!

Columbia University’s Eco Ambassadors Program of the Center for Sustainable Development at the Earth Institute is organizing a Youth Summit for New York and New Jersey’s students.

This Summit is best fit for middle and high schoolers as well as college students but all are welcome! The summit will last a week and each day of the Summit will include a panel of inspiring speakers as well as hands-on, skills-oriented workshops addressing the climate issue.

Our conversations will be based on the following key questions, with a theme each day. The themes include climate justice, community organizing, action planning, communication & arts for climate, and tips from sustainability students on college and career preparation.

  • How can communities take up climate change-related actions?

  • How are students addressing the issue of climate change education?

  • What role does education play in addressing climate change?

  • How can institutions help to raise awareness and change behaviors?

There will be a networking session with current sustainability track Columbia University students. The Summit will also have opportunities to have QandAs with world-renowned economists such as Jeffrey Sachs, marine biologist, Joaquim Goes, and NY Times Reporter and Earth Institute’s journalist, Andrew Revkin. Alongside there will be numerous workshops to enhance environmental skills that will be helpful to play an active role in your communities to resolve sustainability issues. It is a great opportunity to open your minds to the possibilities in research and activism. Our Keynote Speaker is NJ’s First Lady, Ms. Tammy Murphy who is spearheading Climate Change Education as an integral topic in NJ’s school curriculum. Join us to ask questions, debate, and participate in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The goal of the Summit will be to spread awareness about Climate Change and its links to Education through fun and engaging discussions. It will also help to bring action in communities to bring about behavior change!

Registration Link:

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