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Outside of our coalition, there are so many other campaigns and organizations that are doing really important and powerful work! We wanted to highlight some of the opportunities that have been shared with us from partner organizations. 

Empower NJ Campaign 

Overview: Empower NJ is a coalition of environmental, citizen, faith, and progressive groups in New Jersey launching a grassroots campaign calling on Governor Murphy to act quickly on climate change by stopping pending fossil fuel projects and their greenhouse gas emissions.

What you can do: Take part in Moratorium Mondays where activists call the Governor every Monday demanding a moratorium on all pending fossil fuel projects. Help us share actions for the campaign with other members. 

Pay Up Climate Polluters 

Overview:  A campaign calling on Governor Murphy and AG Grewal to file a lawsuit against fossil fuel companies for the costs of climate adaptation and recovery in NJ. 

What you can do: Sign the pledge on their website. Start a campaign to get your town to pass a resolution. 

Powershift Network

Overview: A network of young people, organizations run by young people, and campaigns that support youth organizing. Network members are working to combat climate and environmental injustice, stop dirty energy projects, divest from fossil fuels, fix democracy, and build the just, clean-energy powered future young people need. We understand that these issues are deeply interlinked, and we believe that we can better tackle them as a coordinated network.

What you can do: Join their slack.

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