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Christian Wright he/him

Social Media Coordinator 

Rutgers Prep - Class of 2022

Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 10.50.03 AM.png

Christian Wright is a graduating senior at Rutgers Prep. Although he naturally saw the merit in our environment, he more recently began to get much more involved with sustainability through joining the coalition. Thanks to his initial work as the social media coordinator with the Green Amendment team, Christian learned so much more about the environment while gaining the opportunity to publicize the group's work, interact with others on behalf of the coalition, and to gain experience designing media. After spending almost a year working on the Green Amendment, he decided to join the leadership team in order to impact the coalition as a whole to continue the agenda of a sustainable future through the lens of social media. He is thankful for the NJSSC because of the great group of people he was able to meet that encouraged him to help make changes in his community. Beyond the coalition he loves playing soccer, working as a coach, and listening to music

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