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Ayanna Snowden (she/her)

Secretary/Green Amendments Campaign Outreach Coordinator

Bergen County Technical High School Class of 2023

Ayanna Snowden is a senior at Bergen County Technical High School and got her start in environmental advocacy by educating her community about the dangers of plastic pollution in middle school. Now, she is passionate about environmental justice and the intersections between the climate crisis and other forms of oppression. She has served on the Green Amendment team since her sophomore year, working to pass Local Resolutions at first and now to bolster involvement in the campaign. Additionally, she is interested in social science research. She has conducted two environmental justice studies, one surrounding the Newark water crisis and the federal policy implications, and another GIS-based study examining walkability in New Jersey and its relationship to socioeconomic status. Furthermore, on a more regular basis, she serves as the President of Bergen Tech’s Environmental Club and the Co-President of the Bergen Tech Student Council. In her free time, she likes to read, crotchet, spend time outdoors, listen to music and attend live shows, and learn more about the climate crisis.

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